You can take Notes with you!

Take your Existing People Notes, such as prayer requests and medical notes, with you as you migrate
your church onto Planning Center Online (PCO) People!

Notesimporter takes your Notes from almost any source  and intelligently imports it into PCO People.

Planning Center provides a very robust, resilient, and intelligent importer to help you get your existing people data into Planning Center. However, this importer is limited to PCO People data: Name, address, phone number, email, etc. So far, Planning Center does not have a method to import other sets of historical data such as check-in‘sevents, groups or notes into People Profiles.

Speaking with numerous churches migrating to Planning Center, one of their biggest needs is the ability to import current notes data into PCO People as they migrate to their new church management system. Based on these requests, we developed a tool to do just that!


Worried about data looking the same in PCO? No Problem!

All steps in our process are logged and captured, allowing us to address any issues. This allows us to "surgically" modify individual transactions, or easily back out the entire import  to correct and re-import, if needed. We even capture (for the nerds among us), every API call and response for diagnostics . 


Worried about the security of your members/attendees data? No problem!

Your data is secure! Our methods and processing have been created with industry standard security in mind. Our team has 20+ years of network and system security experience, to ensure the privacty of the data your members / attenders trust you with is protected 


Have lots of notes to import? No Problem!

We have successfully performed imports for dozens of churches, small and large, and have successfully imported Millions of records into various
PCO Applications


Not taking all of your data? No Problem!

The matching process is both simple and flexible, allowing you to properly target just the people you want to import notes for.

If there are notes you wish to ignore, we can do that!



Check out what some of our clients have to say!

  • Streamlined Notes Data Upload

    The import interface allows you to map the fields as needed for Notes. Or if you prefer, we provide CSV/spreadsheet spreadsheet templates to help you prepare your data, making import easier.

  • Intelligent Matching Process

    The tool performs a multi level, multi scope match of your import data against your PCO People details, providing a match report with confidence metrics for review by your team.

  • Rapid Import

    An API optimized import is completed using your matched, curated data, into your PCO People account, with detailed logging of all changes in the process

  • Post Import Review

    We coordinate review with your church to verify the import is accurate.

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Based on total notes to be imported
  • All Data Prep
  • Unlimited Notes
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